Discover the Power of Combining Alfresco and built-in Office Editor with Indorse

Discover the power of combining Alfresco and built-in office editor with Indorse

Alfresco is a popular open-source content management system that helps users store, manage, share, and archive digital documents. Indorse has integrated Alfresco with its platform for digital signature not only to help users manage their document transactions, but also to benefit from its content search engine feature, which allows users to find and retrieve any document within seconds using keywords and metadata. Now, as part of our mission to constantly develop our platform to suit business needs of Saudi corporations, Indorse has combined the power of Alfresco content engine with built-in office editor to allow more team collaboration in realtime.

This blog post will explore the benefits of combining Alfresco’s content engine with a built-in office editor in Indorse platform for digital signatures.

Benefits of Combining Alfresco’s Content Engine with Built-in Office Editor:

Improved Collaboration

The integration of Alfresco’s content search engine with a built-in office editor makes it easier for Indorse users to collaborate on documents in real-time. Having all business documents in one respiratory allows your teams to easily access and edit documents together from anywhere and using any device, which results in more efficient collaboration and better outcomes.

Enhanced Security

Indorse combined Alfresco content search engine with built-in office editor to enable its users to safely work on sensitive business documents within a secure environment. Indorse platform has security features that allow users to set up access restrictions to some or all business documents to ensure that only authorized users can access that content. This feature reduces the risk of any security issues or data breaches.

Streamlined Workflow

The integration of Alfresco content search engine and built-in office editor with Indorse platform for digital signature will help clients streamline workflow processes. Teams can create, edit, sign, share, and store documents in one safe respiratory, which will eliminate the need for additional business solutions or tools. This feature will help streamline process workflow and reduce human errors and improve team productivity.

Increased Accessibility

Combining Alfresco content search engine, built-in office editor, and digital signature transaction will help users to access business documents from anywhere, at any time, and using any device. This feature will greatly benefit remote teams or teams that work across multiple locations.

Why should Saudi businesses start using Indorse Platform?

Managed Service and Training

Indorse users will get the training they need to use Indorse platform and its integrated features efficiently. Additionally, Indorse is now a managed service provider for DMS/ ECM so clients can have continued support and guidance to fully benefit from all Indorse solutions for businesses. 


In addition to Alfresco’s content search engine, built-in office editor, and digital signatures, Indorseusers can request to integrate with any other business solutions they use to unify and combine all important tools for your business in one place and to make it easier to streamline process workflow.


Indose offers four business solutions bundled in the price of a single product. Besides the main digital signature solution, there is also content and archiving, process workflow, Alfresco content engine, and office suite. Clients will save a huge amount of money when subscribing to Indorse, instead of buying all these business solutions separately. 

Combining Alfresco content engine and built-in office editor with Indorse platform for digital signature will provide Saudi businesses with numerous benefits, including but not limited to:  improved collaboration, enhanced security, streamlined workflow, and increased accessibility. Contact our customer support now to discuss the best plan that suits your business module and to discuss the ability for any integrations you may require.


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