Unlimited Digital
Signature Transactions

Indorse is Saudi-hosted platform for digital signature technology and document transaction management solutions to review, sign, and endorse a document in a workflow with convenience.
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The easiest way to obtain signatures

Break the overwhelming business clutter to get a single signature and switch to our speedy, secure, and easy-to-use digital signature transaction workflows.

Start Workflow

Using indorse product, you can upload or create the document that needs to be signed, then select the signer's email address and start your workflow.

Sign Document

Signer can review and sign easily the document received by email or SMS.

Track Status

Track the status of digital signature transactions workflows, apply auto reminders to signers, and view all documents.

Indorse Product

A comprehensive enterprise-level system packed with four solutions at a single product price.
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Digital Signature Transactions

A Digital Signature Technology that Simplifies Business Processes And Document Workflows

Run your business process with a suitable workflow. Sign your documents on time. Complete your projects at the required time. Approve payments. You can sign unlimited binding signatures for your approval.

Content and Archiving

Indorse has a full content management solution that allows everyone to manage and collaborate on all types of documents, images, and videos.  Indorse content management provides full control while keeping smooth business operations.

Process Workflows

Corporations and enterprises need to improve their business processes and tasks and choose suitable workflows to make business procedure phases more efficient, fast, and automated.

Office Suite

Indorse offers office solution for enterprises on the cloud, or on-premise. Office Suite Solution protect businesses’ privacy and allows them to keep full control of their sensitive corporate data. Like all indorse solutions, Office Suite is hosted locally, all your files are created, edited and kept safe in a certified datacenter in Saudi Arabia.

Indorse includes Alfresco ECM Core Features offered by Hyland!

Eliminate the hustle of manual signatures, manual processes, papers, manual transactions, invoices, and hectic work …
Move forward, and unlock possibilities.

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You can start using the product within 1 business day after purchasing Indorse subscription.

Integrations Towards a Perfect Match

Growing your digital footprint needs a strong community of global matches and solutions that solve challenges and drive results to enable digital transformation in an ultra-connected world.

As an intuitive platform with high security and compliance, we believe in convenience. And that’s why we equip you with integrations for everyday tools that your team is already familiar with, so you can recognize the flawless product experience yourself, sign more documents, automate more business processes, accelerate onboarding, reduce unexpected frustrations, close deals and do more business sustainably.

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Plans and Prices

Four-in-one product price with invaluable multifaceted advantages on your end.

From digital transaction management, and content automation, to workflow processing and trust services, you can choose the most reasonable plan for you and your team with an eye on four; security, productivity, convenience, and business governance to keep your business running.


14 Days Free Trial
No credit card required!
Start your free trial and create, assign, and manage eSignatures and Documents.

Process Workflow
Content Archiving
Office Suite
1 GB Storage
On Cloud in KSA

Explore product full features here


SAR 55 per month per user
Paid annually SAR 660
Suitable for teams who need Workflow with Document Management Hosted in KSA.

Process Workflow
Content Archiving
1 GB Storage
On Cloud in KSA

Explore product full features here
For 1- 30 users, for more than 30 users contact sales


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For medium-sized teams and governed eSignature workflows.

Process Workflow
Content Archiving
2 GB Storage
On Cloud in KSA

Explore product full features here


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All Product features, plus special customizations for enterprises

Process Workflow
Content Archiving
Office Suite
3 GB Storage
On Cloud in KSA

Explore product full features here

Manage documents, make progress,
transform your business digitally and transact securely!

Why Indorse?

Easy implementation to Corporate Governance

• Endorse transaction to simply control the business approval process and provide recipient with an easy to verify digital proof of a business approval.
• Seamless Authorization of Signers, Sealers and Endorsers by administrators.
• Compliance with Local and International digital signature rules and regulations

Local document compliance in a certified data center Locally

• Indorse host all your business files locally
• Indorse allow you to create, edit and store your office files locally

Easy Integration to other Application

• Indorse rest API provide an easy solution for Integration

• Desktop Sync allow users to synchronize their files in Indorse Folders.

• Indorse Federation allows the integration with other content management SharePoint®, FileNet® and many others

Customer Service provided locally

• Using Indorse digital signature endorse transactions can control the approval process to insure the approval of the business as digital proof to recipient of business approval.

• Signers, Sealers and Endorsers must be authorized by the administrator.

• Compliance with Local and International digital signature rules and regulations

Huge savings by digitization

• Unlimited digital signature transactions workflows saves your business time in trying to reduce the number transactions that are essential to govern your business

• Storing and retrieving your business digital contents by a content management solution saves your business time and money and protect it from loss.

Real Time Collaboration

• Indorse Office Suite provide Real time collaboration to Edit office text, presentation or spreadsheets file.

• Indorse Office suite provide business user with one stop shop for office files collaboration.

Business Cases

Clients’ digital experience with their patients, customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, and partners resulted in efficiency using Indorse. Our past clients can protect their business transactions, and delight their customers by offering them a better customer relation experience.

Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI) Success Story with Indorse
Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI) is a world-class full-service Maintenance, Repair ... Read More
Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI)
United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Indorse is a SaaS platform that allows you to sign, endorse and send your documents electronically from anywhere, in a safe, trusted environment. You can also use the platform to assign a task to your employees, manage and archive documents, send reminders, fill out forms, and more!You can learn more about our services by visiting our website www.indorse.com.sa or connecting with our team via WhatsApp

Short answer: No. They are completely different!

Digital signature is the only affordable way to securely and easily get approvals from people at scale and it uses Encryption and Private Key Associated with Digital Certificate issued by Certificate Authority (CA) also known as Trust Service Provider (TSP). The objective is to provide a very important pillar in any business : TRUST.
However, Electronic Signature can be easily hacked, therefore the document will be questionable which will delay the business processes in a negative way. 

With a digital signature, any person can identify :

  • Signer Identity – Answering who approved the document and when
  • Document Integrity – Answer was the document changed after being signed/approved?   

An electronic signature, on the other hand, does not provide the same authenticity and integrity as a digital signature.
If you have any more technical questions, please contact us via WhatsApp and our team will gladly help you!

For the following reasons:

  • Prevent changing the approved document after it’s being digitally signed. Thanks to Encryption 
  • Super easy way to identify from the signed document: Signer Name, Location, Time & Date, Email.
  • Non-repudiation
  • Validate the signed document from any device that has the FREE version of adobe reader or from Indorse Product.

Yes, it’s accepted in Saudi Courts and Worldwide.

Indorse is a quick and convenient solution to securely sign papers online. With fully legally binding eSignature functionality, it has been demonstrated to cut the time needed to complete signing processes by up to 80% compared to utilizing paper. It streamlines agreement procedures, saves companies money, and melds smoothly into every division of any organization. For many years, tens of clients rated Indorse as the top local company for usability.
Indorse is an easy-to-use platform for digital signing, processing, archiving, and managing digital documents. Its core consists of a digital signature transactions solution, content and archiving solution, and workflow process management solution. In addition to office suite solution for editing text, presentation, and spreadsheet files. Indorse is an Enterprise Level System that includes four solutions in single product price with unlimited signatures. Hyland-Alfresco content engine is embedded in Indorse products.

Simply Upload the Document and Start a Workflow.

With Indorse, after you click on “Start”, the recipients will receive a link in their email ( Optionally by SMS) to access the document and then sign it from any computer or mobile.

Try it for free now!