Office Suite

Enterprise-ready Office Suite For All Operating Systems

Indorse offers office solution for enterprises on the cloud or on-premise. Office Suite tools protect businesses’ privacy and allow them to keep full control of their sensitive corporate data. Like all indorse solutions, Office Suite is hosted locally, all your files are created, edited and kept safe in a certified data center in Saudi Arabia.

Indorse integrates with Microsoft Office Online to support teams in working together in a variety of ways, from real-time collaborative editing to group task management.
Combining corporate on-premises and on-cloud storage into a single global file interface makes it simpler and more secure for end users to access data from desktops and mobile devices.
Storage and data clouds are securely integrated into enterprise ecosystems, allowing users to securely collaborate on real-time versions of document formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
Indorse integration with Office online empowers admins to provision users and control access to documents. It’s easy to insert fields; you can add fields (text, signature, initials, and dropdown) to your documents.  
Name and save your document with ease directly to any Indorse account with the press of a button and export documents at present.
With our integration you can easily send role-based (with fields) or freeform (without fields) invites from within Office online. Create an eye-catching resume, articles, newsletters, or any document, while also allowing others to edit & collaborate. With indorse, you will get professional & customizable templates for your documents.

Office Suite Tools

View and edit text documents, spreadsheets, presentations & more. Full range of powerful editing features.
With its user-based interface, you can easily use Indorse office suite without any guidance or tutorials.

Now you can enjoy office suite as a standalone Service

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Provides a true WYSIWYG editing experience, making visualising your document layout incredibly easy.

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Create big spreadsheets with up to 16k columns, add charts, visuals and hyperlinks. Benefit from advanced formulas and formatting features.

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Create amazing presentations with great animations and transitions, while also displaying your photos & videos.

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Full-featured desktop database front end, designed to meet the needs of a broad array of users and provides native-support drivers for the most widely employed database engines

Indorse Office Suite Features

Create and Access your documents on the go and reduce the chance of misplacing a document!

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