Content and Archiving

Manage documents, make progress, break the overwhelming chaos
behind your business, and transact securely.

Indorse Content Service provides open, flexible, highly scalable enterprise content management (ECM), makes content accessible wherever and however you work through, and easy integrations with the business applications.
Improve your documents, productivity rate, performance insights, and speed while delivering an amazing buying experience. Give your teams a straightforward, sophisticated all-in-one solution to handle document production and editing through Content and Archiving solutions.
Storage and data clouds are securely integrated, allowing users to securely collaborate on real-time versions of document formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Through content and archiving service, we facilitate complex business processes, for faster implementation of the office work without additional time or barriers. So we can improve completion rates by as much as 26%.
Our driving force behind implementing an ECM solution is to do business more efficiently. By eliminating dependence on paper documents and organizing unstructured information according to business needs, organizations can simplify and streamline work, drive better customer service and increase productivity and reduce organizational risk.
Content management system can be used to engage customers, automate business procedures, and improve collaboration when it is well managed and organized and ultimately meaningful. Content archiving is mission-critical for compliance and regulatory reasons. Enterprise content management involves upgrading archive material across channels to keep critical content safe — as well as all later related data sources.

Now you can enjoy Content and Archiving as a standalone Service

Indorse Content Archiving Features

Boost the value of the digital documents you have in a repository that was built for the cloud

Take your business to the next step. Indorse is the right choice for your organization.
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