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Indorse is an easy-to-use platform for digital signing, processing, archiving, and managing digital documents. Its core consists of a digital signature transactions solution, content and archiving solution, and workflow process management solution. In addition to office suite solution for editing text, presentation and spreadsheet files.
Indorse is an Enterprise Level System that includes four solutions in single product price with unlimited signatures .Hyland-Alfresco content engine is embedded in Indorse products.

Indorse offer businesses a quick and easy way to approve or consent to digital documents, and they are a recognized legal method of contract signing. The digital signature solution has the ability to speed up agreement processes and increase productivity throughout your organization by enabling you to sign documents online from anywhere, anytime while keeping your brand in the foreground.

Our digital signatures assist in automating business operations & workflows including document production, collaboration, execution, and archiving, alongside with strengthening compliance and reducing expenses associated with paper-based processes.

Indorse digital signature is simple to adopt since platforms are developing stronger integration strategies that function well with business applications. A non-editable audit trail is attached to each Indorse signature request to guarantee that every action is carefully logged and time-stamped.
Indorse complies with Saudi privacy regulations, offers creative branding opportunities, and is cost-effective.

Indorse includes Alfresco ECM Core Features offered by Hyland!

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Digital Signature Transactions

Agile, accurate and an active e-signature solution. support all your business needs.

Indorse provide many types of digital signature depending on the reason, on behalf of an organization, an employee or a natural person. Sign is to approve the content of a document by an employee or by a natural person. Endorse is to approve the content of document by an organization. Seal is to certify the content of a document by an organization.

With Indorse digital signature, companies send documents for signing online, follow the status of their requests, and receive documents signed straight from their devices.
It’s a trusted way, more secure and efficient than using pen and paper.


Content and Archiving

Save your entire document in a safe, centralized digital repository. Access your documents on the go and reduce the chance of misplacing a document.

Indorse Content Services provides open, flexible, highly scalable (ECM) capabilities with the added benefits of a content services platform making content accessible wherever and however you work through easy integrations with the business applications you use every day.

Comprehensive ECM services support your digital transformation and help your enterprise improve productivity through managing your documents, capturing, storing, activating, analyzing, and automating business content to get the value of it, collaborate closely, and make decisions effectively.

Process Workflows

Simple and Unlimited. Get all your works signed fast!

Indorse support two types of workflows sequential and parallel and allow enterprise users to assign tasks to employees, customers or suppliers with predefined actions to perform on documentsProcess workflows are a huge pain. It’s going slow, and the results are probably inaccurate. With Indorse, individuals are assigned with particular tasks to implement on documents in ways for seamless & successive.

Office Suite

Connect Indorse with your work!

Office Online is excellent online office suite solution for enterprises that need a powerful office suite in the cloud, or on-premise, that protects their privacy and allows them to keep full control of their sensitive corporate data.

Reduce busy work and data entry. Indorse effortlessly integrates with the top business tools you use every day “Office Suite”, to access and manage your files anywhere, on the web and on the go. And we provide complete control over your private information.

Indorse is a digital transaction management SAAS product that consists of four solutions: digital signature transactions services, content services, process services and office suite services that is easily used via any web browser from any desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Indorse platform has the following features:

Add-Ons can be added upon request!

Indorse offers a quick and easy integration into your app or website. Our technical team will provide support every step of the way, ensuring a smooth development process with easy-to-understand concepts, robust APIs and SDKs in popular programming languages, comprehensive user guide documentation, and free customer account.

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Business Cases

Clients are digitalizing the experience of their patients, customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, and partners with efficient automation and transaction document management tools.
Our past clients could protect their business, delight their buyers, and offer them a more significant customer experience.
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