Process Workflows

Keeping your important business documents safe, secure, and authorized by the right person.

Indorse support two types of workflows sequential and parallel and allow enterprise users to assign tasks to employees, customers or suppliers with predefined actions to perform on documents. Reminders, notification attachment can be defined before starting a workflow.

Workflow 5

Indorse Process Workflows Features

Stop the painful process from taking untold man-hours to make sure business is running smoothly. Discover high-quality process workflow!

Indorse solutions empower teams with automation capabilities, which in turn,
impacts the manual effort spent on document workflow processing.

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Digital Signature Transactions

Run your business. Scale your workflow. Sign your contracts on time. Generate agreements. Launch your product at the right time in the market. Accept payments. And sign unlimitedly with legal-binding signature technology; Indorse.

Content and Archiving

With Indorse, document turnaround time is reduced by up to 90%. All of your documents are safely archived by state-of-the-art security system technology. Individual documents have a full audit trail in an easy-to-read format.
Increase your work productivity and brisk streamline the exchange of data with content automation services

Office Suite​

Indorse offers office solution for enterprises on the cloud, or on-premise. Office Suite products protect businesses’ privacy and allows them to keep full control of their sensitive corporate data. Like all indorse solutions, Office Suite is hosted locally, all your files are created, edited and kept safe in a certified datacenter in Saudi Arabia.