About Us

Your Trusted Digital Signature Workflows Partner!

Indorse is the frontrunner in creating digital transaction, business process, and enterprise content management solutions with an office suite in Saudi Arabia in one digital platform.  Indorse solutions simplify how business and enterprise people review, sign and endorse a document in a workflow.

As a multi-solution SaaS product vendor in the kingdom, Indorse allows enterprises and large organizations to automate their content approval in process workflows, to manage their digital transactions collaboratively across different departments to create secure, optimized, and speedy process that scale to cater to your business needs and significant goals you are planning to execute.


We want to be the foremost content automation with governance solutions provider as a local software vendor in the KSA by 2025. We are doing that by empowering corporates’ governance in critical areas of their business processes to help them boost economic growth and long-term financial viability.

We believe improving business processes and fostering digital transformation are crucial for our customers to run smoothly and viably. Thus, we look forward to being recognized as the most trusted, manifold, and speedy service provider who’s the picked partner delivering signature and process automation solutions for medium to large organizations. Our next step is to move toward our business operations expansion in GCC and different regions in the Arab World ahead.


To help organizations in diverse sectors join the digital transformation with governance path and enable them to unlock the potential of automation opportunities – spare more time on what matters and spend less money on what doesn’t, while being more compliant, using resources wisely, fulfilling their customers’ needs efficiently, driving their business value, and keeping them running without the hassle of paperwork.
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Story Of Indorse!​

Indorse Company was created to make work more efficient and smoothly streamline exchanges of data with eSignature and content automation for businesses in any industry and any department. We’re leveraging digital transformation maturity in an ultra-connected world through pioneering technology that creates a seamless user experience from day 1, accelerates products’ time to market, and reduces risk with fewer errors and more automation so our customers can spare more time on what matters, spend less money on what doesn’t, and allocate their resources wisely. 

Indorse Values

Easy to Use​

Easy and fast setup and implementation, a simple document-based process that empowers your team to automate


Saudi-hosted software vendor, Compliance with local/international security laws and regulations. Accessible local support and customer care teams


Four solutions at a single product price: Comprehensive Platform, Unlimited signatures, embedded world-class engine

Customer Driven

Highest Standard of Customer Service and Relationship Development


Signatories & Approval Governance: Company or Department Stamp Plus Person Signature.

Global Standard

Comprehensive enterprise-level system embedded world-class engine from Hyland-Alfresco. Global vendors partnership.

A comprehensive enterprise-level system packed with four solutions at a single product price.

Why Indorse?

Easy implementation to Corporate Governance

• Endorse transaction to simply control the business approval process and provide recipient with an easy to verify digital proof of a business approval.
• Seamless Authorization of Signers, Sealers and Endorsers by administrators.
• Compliance with Local and International digital signature rules and regulations

Local document compliance in a certified data center Locally

• Indorse host all your business files locally
• Indorse allow you to create, edit and store your office files locally

Easy Integration to other Application

• Indorse rest API provide an easy solution for Integration

• Desktop Sync allow users to synchronize their files in Indorse Folders.

• Indorse Federation allows the integration with other content management SharePoint®, FileNet® and many others

Customer Service provided locally

• Using Indorse digital signature endorse transactions can control the approval process to insure the approval of the business as digital proof to recipient of business approval.

• Signers, Sealers and Endorsers must be authorized by the administrator.

• Compliance with Local and International digital signature rules and regulations

Huge savings by digitization

• Unlimited digital signature transactions workflows saves your business time in trying to reduce the number transactions that are essential to govern your business

• Storing and retrieving your business digital contents by a content management solution saves your business time and money and protect it from loss.

Real Time Collaboration

• Indorse Office Suite provide Real time collaboration to Edit office text, presentation or spreadsheets file.

• Indorse Office suite provide business user with one stop shop for office files collaboration.