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Open standards, open APIs
The Indorse Platform has an open standards for Digital Signatures Actions, making it easy to integrate these Actions with other Applications to satisfy customer needs, Public REST API supporting the Open API specification for simple, easily maintained customization and process automation. You can Extend the Integration to the following:

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Content Connector for SAP

Reduce Storage Costs in SAP and Free the Content that Drives your Business

SAP handles huge amounts of your critical data. Invoices, bills, contracts – information that workers need to access every day. Offloading unstructured content from SAP can massively reduce your storage costs. To make the most of all that content, you need a collaboration tool that lets you share information effortlessly. A tool that quickly and easily integrates with any SAP installation, and scales as your business grows. The SAP-certified Content Connector works seamlessly with your SAP environment, no matter which modules or tools you’re using.

We work as you do – so we’ve integrated with the tools your team already knows and loves.
To be updated with the exponential development of volumes in ERP systems, obtaining archiving techniques is becoming increasingly vital to maintain acceptable performance and limit technical constraints.
The SAP connector enables the consideration of data preservation and archiving of incoming documents from partners, suppliers, or customers, as well as the attachment of outgoing documents produced in bulk in SAP to files controlled by SAP.
It’s quick, reliable, and easy, was built for today’s modern workforce, and team management permissions give team members the flexibility they need to achieve tasks.

Content Connector for Salesforce

Create Value, Not Inefficiency

Employees spend up to 20% percent of their time searching for content.
Workers save files in separated applications, hide it in emails or store it on personal drives. The result is simple. People can’t work together efficiently when sharing files via email or confusing folder structures.
Spend more time winning customers and less time managing content. With the Content Connector for Salesforce, your organization can close deals faster by becoming more productive and collaborative across account teams, departments and applications.

By starting business processes from within Content Connector for Salesforce integration, you can make decisions more quickly and effectively, enable access to content for other team members, and improve the communication between the team members.
Through this integration automatically surfacing pertinent and suggested content to users who need it, you may increase productivity and cut down on the number of time users generally spend manually seeking content.
It’s free, secure, private-friendly, secure, and unlimited access.
Make work more efficient and smooth; streamline content exchange with Content Connector for Salesforce.

Content Connector for Outlook

Email inboxes aren’t the place for important content. That content needs to be shared and managed.

On the one hand, processing email attachments is slow and tedious. And employees hate doing it. But on the other hand, you’ll have a mutiny to deal with if you try to ditch Outlook.
The solution? Content Connector gives users access to the same content and processes they would get. From within Outlook.

Say goodbye to mind-numbing content.
Integrate Content Connector for Outlook with your regular tools so that your team may return to concentrating on the crucial tasks they have to do.
It handles email messages and their attachments, manages folders & files, and has an important feature that enables users to access the same content and processes. The upshot is to help businesses run a lot smoother.
Give what matters more time. Spend less money on what doesn’t.

Collaboration Connector for Microsoft 365 1.1

Collaboration Connector for Microsoft 365 allows you to integrate with Microsoft Office Online applications from the Digital Workspace.

Users can edit Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel and PowerPoint that are stored in from the Digital Workspace directly in Office Online.
The following features are available:
Edit Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents stored.
Share Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with collaborators.
Co-author Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with collaborators in real-time.
Create Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Organize everything in one place, from docs to sheets and presentations and other formats of Office tasks; everything lives on Collaboration Connector for Microsoft.
Full customization. A self-explanatory user interface makes users change procedures and modify workflows easily.

Enterprise ecosystems securely incorporate storage and data clouds, enabling users to collaborate on real-time versions of document formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Using Collaboration Connector for Microsoft, deliver a fantastic employee experience while enhancing deal workflows, analytics, and speed. And provide your staff with an easy-to-use, high-end, all-in-one solution to handle document creation and editing.

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