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United Naghi Success Story with Indorse


United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd. was established in 1995 with a vision of excelling in the expansion and delivery of volume quality and efficient service delivery in products and services ranging from consumer electronics, home appliances, and air conditioning to home facilities. They have 6 separate companies, more than 1000 employees, and 30 years in the market.



They were using DocuSign, the biggest company in our field which has significant investments worldwide. United Naghi had used DocuSign for more than one year for more than 100 users. 4 months before they finished their annual subscription with DocuSign, we proposed our product to them, and show its features.


Their biggest struggle with DocuSign was customer support. They needed to contact customer support for some urgent issues while DocuSign’s customer support were taking from 2 weeks to 2 months to respond to their inquiries. United Naghi was upset because this hinders their business processes and lags operations.



What sets us apart and helps United Naghi chooses us is that:

First: Our focus is on the Saudi market while DocuSign it’s a secondary market because they depend on US and European markets.


Second: The scope of our Indorse platform is more comprehensive and we have complete solutions areas covering more than just the signature and the workflow as DocuSign. We cover The Signature, The Workflow, The Document Management, and Archiving in one platform for one subscription.


Third: Unlike DocuSign which stores the data in the US which is a true risk that may face United Naghi in the future. We store the customer data in local data centers in Saudi Arabia that is registered with Saudi Communications, Space & Technology Commission https://www.cst.gov.sa/. When it comes to compliance, we act locally. When it comes to security, we believe it’s obligatory to help organizations protect their data and meet policy obligations, and drive more digital transformation at any stage of their business. It’s a foundation we build with you to infuse trust into relationships which results in seamless interactions and unlocked growth.


Fourth: We have greater localization capabilities that we can smoothly integrate with government service providers to connect with our Indorse platform, while this can never be possible with DocuSign because their US-based server makes their product not integrable with our local government-data providers such ELM and Absher.



United Naghi decided to conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) before they go forward. And key managers from various departments were following the short demonstration meeting with great interest and looked forward to seeing its worthwhile outcomes.


After that session ended, an initial assessment was formed by the IT director along with a one-question survey: do you recommend the change to Indorse or not?

The answer in all response was to approve the change to Indorse!

20 Managers were invited, 11 of them attended the demo session, and 6 of them answered the survey 5 min after it had been sent via email. A proposal was sent to the head of procurement. They have negotiated the price, and we successfully sealed the deal with them packed with a 5% discount.


So they decided to go with us and purchased Indorse product. Now they have been using it for more than one year and they renewed their subscription with us. They had high expectations and touched on the results that meet these expectations, which encouraged them eventually to take the right decision to change to Indorse, the highly competitive product for Saudi clients.


This was United Naghi’s success story as one of the most influential clients.


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