Benefits of using Indorse Secure File Sharing Solutions

Securely share your files with confidence and protect your data from unauthorized access

What is Secure File Sharing?

Secure file sharing is the process of allowing specific people to access documents while maintaining the security of the shared data. This solution involves authenticating the user with username and password and optional SMS OTP for 2-steps-verification to guarantee data protection against unauthorized access or theft. Saudi businesses that use secure file sharing solutions can share sensitive documents with confidence that all data will remain protected throughout the sharing and collaboration process.

Benefits of using Indorse Secure File Sharing Solutions

You will get Easier, Faster and Secure Collaboration with external people.

Indorse Secure file sharing is an important solution for Saudi businesses especially for industries that handle confidential data such as Government, insurance and financial sectors. Additionally, you will guarantee compliance with the local data protection regulations as Indorse is a Saudi hosted platform that stores all clients’ data over the cloud in the latest state of the art Oracle data center in Saudi Arabia.

Indorse secure file sharing Works either from a simple user interface or through an API that integrates with your existing systems and platforms allowing your team to securely share business files.

Compliance with Saudi Data protection regulations:

Indorse Secure file sharing is in compliance with the Saudi Data and Artificial intelligence Authority (SDAIA) and Cybersecurity laws to help you protect sensitive data and avoid any penalties.

Enhanced data security:

Storing data locally in Saudi Arabia in an Oracle data center ensures businesses in the Government, insurance and financial sectors that all sensitive and confidential data are secure against data breaches and in compliance with local laws regarding data storing.

Effective Collaboration:

Indorse secure file sharing solution will allow better collaboration between team members, clients, and suppliers through the ability to share files and work together securely from any location, using any device. This can increase productivity and efficiency, reduce delays, and facilitate faster decision-making.

You can subscribe and use Indorse Secure file Sharing as a standalone service within just one business day

Indorse Secure File Sharing Features

Protect Your Data and Streamline Collaboration with Indorse Secure File Sharing advanced features

  • Allow External people to View and edit files securely. Authenticate External users with optional OTP SMS for 2FA.
  • End-to-end encryption to ensure the access of only authorized users.
  • Access control to administer who can access files/ folders and to what extent (view, edit, sign).
  • Document versioning
  • Track records for all shared files.
  • Information Governance according to Saudi regulations.
  • Easy to use platform that supports Arabic and English Language.
  • Subscription Based Service
  • Unlimited documents.
  • Hosted in Saudi Arabia in an Oracle data center.
  • No IT resources required from the client
  • Usage is within 24 hours after payment.
  • Ability to integrate with automated process Workflow and Digital Signature solutions.
  • Ability to set expiration dates for shared files.
  • User Friendly interface.
  • Mobile Friendly. In-App Real-Time Collaboration to edit Microsoft Files online.
Keep your files safe from unauthorized access and start using Indorse secure file sharing today

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