Benefits of Indorse Secure File Sharing for Saudi Insurance and Financial companies

Benefits of Indorse Secure File Sharing for Saudi Insurance and Financial companies

Data is the most valuable asset that companies possess. Saudi companies collect, store, and transact with enormous amounts of sensitive data, including customer information, trade secrets and financial records. Any unauthorized breaches of this data can lead to severe consequences, including financial losses, legal liabilities and reputational damage. That’s why using secure file sharing tools have become essential for Saudi financial and insurance companies to safely exchange confidential data with clients and partners. This blog post will explore at a glance the benefits of Indorse secure file sharing for industries that deal with confidential information including the insurance and financial industries.

The benefits of using Indorse Secure File Sharing

Benefits of using Indorse Secure File Sharing

Protection of customers information:

Indorse secure file sharing software will enable insurance and financial professionals to securely share, transfer and store large amounts of business files easily. Indorse uses end-to-end encryptions, 2-step- verification and password protection to ensure confidentiality and  integrity of client data and protect them from unauthorized access, cyber attacks, forgeries, or theft. 

 Saudi insurance and financial companies can rest assured that all their data will remain secure and confidential during exchange with clients.

Control access permissions: 

Indorse secure file sharing system allows Saudi companies to control who has access to their files and setting different access levels for different users. Insurance and financial companies in Saudi Arabia can easily apply and exchange access settings for shared files with just a few clicks, enabling them to control who can access each file and to what extent. Companies can allow certain users to sign the document or just view it or apply certain modifications. Users can also apply encryption, log-in requirements, and expiry dates as required.

Improved and Easy collaboration: 

Streamline collaboration with team members, clients and partners easily and securely with Indorse Secure File sharing system, both inside and outside your organization. You can transfer files with third parties and assign predefined tasks to perform, track changes, and collaborate with team members, even if you are located in different parts of the world.

Data Transfer Compliance with Local Regulations:

Indorse is a cloud hosted provider of secure file sharing systems that store all clients’ data in a local data center in Saudi Arabia. That’s why it is the best option for Saudi Insurance and financial companies as it helps them comply with Saudi regulations and standards regarding data storage and transfer. By complying with these regulations, Saudi organizations will avoid penalties and legal liabilities.

How can you start using Indorse Secure file Sharing?

How can you start using Indorse Secure file Sharing?

Saudi companies can subscribe to Indorse Secure file sharing and start using the system within one business day. No training, or IT infrastructure or certain pograms are required. Indorse secure file sharing can be easily integrated within your existing programs to help you streamline all your business transactions within a single platform. 

Additionally, customers can purchase Indorse Secure file sharing system along with Indorse Digital signature and Indorse process workflow to help clients facilitate more business transactions:

Indorse Digital Signatures

It helps companies share business documents with third parties and collect digital signatures within minutes in a secure way without any worry of data breaches or missed signatures. Customers can also send reminders to signers and receive notifications when documents are properly signed. 

Indorse Process workflow

Saudi insurance and financial companies have numerous repeated operations that can be easily automated to save a significant amount of time and expedite turnaround time required to complete business processes. 

Saudi Insurance, government or financial companies can subscribe to Secure file sharing system as a standalone service, or they can subscribe to Indorse complete system and benefit from great advantage at great price. 

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