Top key Benefits of Digital Signatures Transformation SAAS
Digital Signatures are electronic fingerprints that are used to authenticate both the signer and the content of any digital document. It has become widely used in Saudi Arabia since it provides more security and safety than the traditional type of paper signatures. The implementation of digital signature SaaS will auomate the way Saudi organizations process business workflows across different sectors and industries. This article will review some of the main benefits of digital signatures and explains why it is wise for Saudi businesses to start using digital signatures instead of paper signatures.

How Digital Signature will benefit your business?

Smart solutions integrated to increase the ROI of your business

When you start using eSignature system, your business will benefit on different aspects including, but not limited to:
  • Cost reduction
With digital signature product in use, you can cut the overwhelming cost of papers, mailing and messenger fees. When every document is accessible online, no copying, printing, mailing or shredding will be needed anymore.
  • Streamline workflow
Due to an automated digital signature software and seamlessly integrated solutions like document management and process workflow , no document will be misplaced, no signature will be missed.
  • Time Saving
No more valuable time wasted to get a document signed by all parties. eSignature System allows multiple users to sign the same document sequentially or simultaneously. In addition to the notification feature that enables you to save time tracking the status of each document with the ability to send auto reminders.
  • Safety & Security
All documents created or uploaded to digital signature software can be encrypted to protect your sensitive business documents. As a user, you will need to authenticate yourself by two factor authentication to unlock an encrypted document. The integrated audit trail feature shows when and where the document was signed and by whom. You can easily track the edit history of each document.
  • Legally Binding
Documents signed with a local provider of digital signature software are considered valid electronic signatures under the Saudi laws and other countries’ laws and accredited by WebTrust.
  • Reliable customer support
When you acquire a digital signature software from a trusted local Saudi provider, you ensure to have a strong support team that is available to answer all your questions around the clock and provide technical support in Arabic or English language.

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