digital transaction management

Paper processes are slowly becoming obsolete. Working digital allows companies to be agile, move fast and save money. That is why a lot of businesses are opting for Digital Transaction Management: a business application that uses cloud-based software and services to digitally manage a wide range of document-centric business processes. However, switching to DTM represents a huge shift for businesses. What are things to mindful of before implementing Digital Transaction Management?

Include user experience in the selection process

A very important matter to consider is the quality of the user experience a solution offers. A solution can be comprehensive and powerful, but if it is too hard to use, it will not matter. Businesses consist of multiple types of users, and not every employee is equally savvy when it comes to computers and software. This can be due to someone’s role within an organization but may also have to do with someone’s age and personal interest. But no matter the reason, in order to successfully implement DTM, the solution needs to be accessible to all types of users.

Invest in education

Of course, a little explanation also goes a long way. Workers do not have to be experts as long as they receive the right education before they have to adopt new processes. Moreover, it might also help alleviate concerns and prejudices people have about DTM and working in a new way in general. Many are worried about security, compliancy and privacy, and by addressing these concerns they will understand how DTM solutions help to improve each of these.

Restructure processes before automating

Another important advantage of DTM is the efficiency and effectiveness it brings. However, in order to get the most out of a solution, companies cannot transfer their processes as-is. Most of them were conceived in earlier days, and it often shows. So, before they start automating and digitizing, companies need to dissect their processes for efficiency and effectiveness, making sure they will be able to profit as much as possible from the new products.

Choose a partner with a proven track record

When you are ready to choose a solution, make sure that the developer of the solution is familiar with DTM and everything it involves. Do the developers know what problems may arise? Which features does their solution offer? A developer’s experience should not only be clear from the quality of their software, but also from how involved they are during the rollout. When implementing software designed for DTM, proper support is essential.

Think about scalability and artificial intelligence

When selecting a software solution, it never hurts to plan ahead. While you might not be needing the capacity right now, you might in the future. If a solution is scalable, you will not be forced to look for another one when the situation asks for it – and subsequently start an implementation all over again. Another thing is artificial intelligence, which is slowly but surely gaining a foothold in the world of digital transactions, helping to streamline digital transactions and reduce processing time. When selection a solution, make sure to inquire about these and other options.

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