Content and Archiving Cybersecurity and Digital Signature Integration

Traditional protection of sensitive documents in paper format doesn’t provide sufficient security against the evolving threats that businesses are facing nowadays. Transformation from paper documents to digital documents will guarantee more cybersecurity protection of all your business data. Documents will be securely storage on the cloud, and with the use of a reliable digital signature software, it will be protected against any alteration, theft or loss.

Digital signature software are usually provided with an integrated content and archiving solutions to complete the protection cycle of the content of the document, the eSignature and finally the storage of that document until the business is no longer legally required to maintain that document. A digital signature software with all its smart integrations and cybersecurity solutions will guarantee secure transactions for all business documents from creation and signing till storage and final destruction.

Why does digital signature product include content & archiving solutions?

It enables businesses to create, manage, share, track and store business documents digitally in one place over the cloud. With built-in access controls and encryptions to prevent unauthorized access.

Content & Archiving solutions also known as Enterprise Content management (ECM), integrated with digital signature software is crucial to complete the transformation and modernization of your business. It is a framework of tools and processes designed specifically to help organizations manage bulk documents from creation to destruction. ECM facilitates business processes and automates complicated document-based tasks to let you focus on more important goals.

ECM technologies benefit businesses across all industries to increase efficiency and productivity with compliance to regulatory standards and governance of document security.

It turns unstructured business information into valuable data that can be automated to streamline workflows.

Advantages of digital signatures regarding content and archiving solutions

Some of the main benefits that content & archiving solution provide:

  • Increased Efficiency

It allows businesses to save valuable time by automating time-consuming processes and streamlines workflow. Your employees can create, manage, eSign, track, and store business documents using a single platform, in addition to a smart and speedy search tool that enables you to find any business document in seconds.

  • High Security

Encryption, two-factors authentication and access controls are all available to stop any unauthorized access to your sensitive content.
Audit trail tool is also employed to store every action performed on every document so you can always know who edited a document and when. It helps against content manipulation.
Automatic and periodical backups are performed of all business data on the cloud on reliable data center
In addition to the data retention tool that enables you to schedule automatic deletion for documents so you don’t store documents longer than you legally require.

  • Increased team collaboration

Digital signature along with content and archiving solutions allow multiple users to work on the same document at the same time with live synchronization of changes and ability to retrieve previous versions of records.
Your employees can now share folders, collect multiple eSignatures and store data with ease in less time and let them focus on achieving important business goals.

Indorse is not just a content management system, it is 4 solutions bundled in one product to enable businesses across all industries to create,manage, sign and store documents with compliance to regulatory standards.

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