7 benefits of business process workflow

Process workflow, in general, refers to a series of repeatable tasks that needs to be done in a specific sequence to achieve a certain goal. Every business has a certain number of repeatable tasks that have to be completed following certain steps in the right order. Let’s take the onboarding workflow as an example, employees’ contracts need to be signed by the designated managers within the company and then signed by the employee. There are a lot of other process workflows that are followed by almost every department in any business like sales, accounting, customer support and others.

In the old days, Saudi business used to conduct such workflows manually with heavy relay on paper documents, which consumed a huge amount of time, not to mention the overwhelming cost of papers. Implementing an automated system for process workflow enables businesses to process such tasks in an electronic way to increase efficiency, reduce costs and human errors.

Let’s explore some of the benefits for the business process workflow management system and how different teams within a corporation can benefit from it.

Process Workflow management system

Simplify tasks, accelerate business processes and eliminate time- consuming manual work.
Empower your employees with Indorse Workflow automation solutions. Automatic generation of business documents, task assignments, digital signatures, document management, activity logs, secure storage and compliance with Saudi regulatory standards.

How does Process Workflow benefit businesses across all industries?

Enhance collaboration between your employees and customers by using automated process workflow. Let document-based work move effortlessly from employee to employee, department to department without any errors or breakdowns. Transform manual business tasks into smart automated tasks.

What tasks can be automated using Indorse process workflow?

Businesses can use Indorse process workflow to suit the internal and external operations for any industry. Generally, you can use Indorse system to streamline any workflows such as:

Document Management:

Businesses can easily create, manage, edit, sign, store, organize and retrieve any document within minutes. No time is wasted on manual filing for documents, errors are reduced and everything is protected and easily accessible.

Recruiting and Onboarding:

Digitalizing the recruiting process will give you a relief from enormous paperwork and reflect a sophisticated image about your company with future employees. HR teams will spare valuable time focusing on improving hiring experience.

Invoice and purchasing processes:

The accounting department can process the workflow of invoice and purchasing orders to save a lot of time and reduce errors. No more manual entering of invoices or purchase orders, instead, they can focus on improving the financial insights to help the decision makers.

The usage of an automated process workflow is infinite, every business can adopt its features to suit the internal business workflows for almost any business in the Saudi kingdom.
An automated process workflow is integrated with Indorse digital signature system to facilitate more business tasks for our employees because we value their precious time.

Contact Indorse customer support to start your free 14- days trial now. No credit cards are required.

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