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Do you ever worry about how to increase efficiency in a business and stay ahead of the curve?

In recent years, we’ve seen a massive rise in digital services and online merchants. New platforms and apps are competing with traditional businesses at a fraction of the cost. To take on the newcomers and keep up with the competition, you need to step up your game and become more cost-effective.

So how can you increase efficiency in your business?

One way for companies to become more productive and well organized is to introduce digital signatures in their workflows.

A digital signature solution is a software that allows authorized parties to sign legally binding documents online, from anywhere in the world.

Digital signatures are legally binding in the USA and the EU and are secure and impossible to forge. Due to hashing and cryptography methods, documents signed digitally are also timestamped and encrypted making them more secure and more comfortable to audit.

Here’s how digital signatures help make your business more efficient:

1. Faster time to signature

Imagine all the invoices, contracts, budget approvals, and proposals that pass between your company departments and third parties every day. Think about how often something gets stuck somewhere for extended periods.

With digital signatures, you dramatically increase documents’ turnaround, which helps your business acquire more clients and deliver goods and services faster. In effect, you deliver a great experience and gain loyal clients.

2. Instant & Global Reach

In modern times, companies have flexible desks, remote workers, partners all around the world, and customers that seek contact through various channels using different devices. Digital signatures allow all the parties involved to conveniently sign documents from anywhere, at any time, using almost any device.

3. Legal Compliance Made Simple

Finding out that important documents have been signed by unauthorized parties or filed in the wrong place can be painful, especially during audits. Digital systems allow only the designated parties to sign documents. They also limit the possibility of human errors, fraud, and forgeries. The software helps track, manage, and find documents on a moment’s notice whether for internal or external audits.

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4. Workplace Convenience and Productivity

Digitizing documents not only saves time, but it also helps employees keep their desks uncluttered, increasing office productivity. Automated workflows and smart reminders make it easy for employees to follow hundreds if not thousands, more documents and cases without losing track.

5. Increasing Income & Cutting the Cost

Digitization of contracts lowers cost of storage space and resources such as pen & paper, photocopies, mail delivery, etc.

It also boosts your company income by:

– Speeding up client acquisition,

– Increasing customer retention,

– Improving delivery chains and production processes,

– Boosting employee productivity and efficiency.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, using digital signatures helps significantly increase your cost-effectiveness, improve the customer experience, and simplify the compliance process. Most importantly, digitization of your workflows makes you a modern business ready to take on any competitors.

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