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Indorse is a cloud-based service that is making life easier. Many companies are using it to remove the friction inherent in content and document management, e-signatures, authentication and electronic transactions. They are already profiting from the benefits Indorse offers. So, what are companies that are not using this solution missing out on?


The first important thing advantage companies will miss out on, is compliancy. Since September 2018, all organizations delivering public digital services in an EU member state must recognize electronic identification from all EU member states and signers need to have a Qualified Digital Certificate in order to carry out legally certain, secured electronic transactions. for Indorse, these are issued by Intesi Group, an eIDAS compliant Trust Service Provider. eIDAS also compels companies to be able to map and show their previous actions. Without Indorse, they will not have a digital audit trail and cannot tell who had access to a document, and when.

Improved security

That is a problem, even more so because oftentimes, documents contain confidential company information or personal details. Without Indorse, it is a lot riskier to send these around, because either they need to be printed and sent using physical mail, or they are attached to e-mails for everyone to see and open. Using the application, these documents can be encrypted and decrypted only by selected users. Indorse also offers an extra layer of security in the form of the ‘four-eyes’ principle: This means that an additional digital signature authorization from an eligible person is required to authorize a signed document before it can be processed and sent to a recipient, which helps to prevent unauthorized transactions even further. This feature is called Document Endorsement and it’s patented to Indorse Services. In case of a contract, the document can also be timestamped for long time archiving. The validation automatically shows if the document has changed. Without this functionality, companies can never be sure contracts are not tampered with.

Efficiency and productivity

An important advantage of Indorse is efficiency. Co-workers can easily collaborate and work on documents at the same time and access files at any time and from every device they want. Compare this to attaching documents to e-mails and sending them around, with multiple version of the same document circulating at the same time. The same goes for signatures: when documents cannot be signed digitally, physical copies need to be sent, printed, signed, scanned and sent back, which is not only laborious, but also a huge waste of time and money.

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